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Born July 24, 1973, in Bondowoso, a small village in East Java, Indonesia. Most of the people living there are Madura people, one of Indonesia‘s most traditional cultures. He spent most of his childhood learning about traditional arts and music, watching Madura Topeng Dance, a mask dance with a lot of artistic work on decoration, masks and traditional clothing. This way of artistic expression was of high interest for him and his art experiences started these times.

He‘s a self-educated person who learned from colors, shapes and compositions in his environment with a watchful eye for the details and something unique. As his origin is Madura, the traditional art from this Indonesian area and their longtime culture are the biggest influences on his paintings. Colors are very important and the guiding concept.

His actural work comprises acrylic on canvas only. A long time age he drew using charcoal but a few years ago he changed to acrylic to get a much more expressive color impact on his contemporary art. The impressive color intensity of acrylic illustrates his ideas in a very vivid way.

Santoso‘s motivation to paint are satisfaction and happiness, so painting itself is a motivation for him. His passion, mood and expressive power bring energy and ideas into his paintings. Often, great music is part of the emotional impact on his work.

He was curious to know more about the western culture for many years. Reading and collecting information, documentation and illustrated books on european art and design, he found a profound connection in his work to the „old world“. Germany seems to be a very adequate place for his work, he felt, when he watched german TV programs reporting about contemporary art. The high standard and high quality in art demanded by both critics and customers stimulate his work. After getting into closer contact to some people from Germany through the internet, he presented his art work to them. They were impressed and thrilled by his vivid paintings.




Feuerbachstrasse 64

40223 Düsseldorf


Tel. +49 160 99859748



  1. Exotiq, Istana Kuta Galleria, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

  2. Gallery Jepun, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

  3. Villa Cemara Umalas, Kerobokan, Bali Indonesia

  4. Haus am Jungfernstieg, Neumünster, Germany

Private Collections

  1. Mr T. R. Gore, Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom

  2. Mr Rick Berry, Coombabah, Queensland, Australia

  3. Mrs Nicola Hahn, Hamburg, Germany

  4. Mr Stephan Heiss, Willich, Germany

Vivid paintings